Research focus

Development of nanomedicine platforms to modulate the activity of stem cells and their progenies.

Research focus

Development of bioengineering platforms for efficient differentiation and maturation of stem cells into vascular and cardiomyocyte lineages for drug screening and regenerative medicine applications.

Sezin Aday wins the best presentation prize in “Bristol CardioVascular Early Career Researcher Event”

Nov 11th, 2014 in News

photoSezin Aday, a member of our laboratory won the best presentation prize in Bristol CardioVascular Early Career Researcher Event with the work entitled “VEGF-bound beads modulate endothelial cell survival and microRNA expression”.

The event was organized by Bristol CardioVascular (BCV) in order to allow BCV Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to network, and see the range of cardiovascular research going on in Bristol, and to help their career development: the opportunities available, and what is important in the choices that they will need to make. In the meeting, which took place on November 6th in University of Bristol, a jury composed of professors from the University of Bristol, University College London and the British Heart Foundation awarded Sezin a prize for the best presentation.