Research focus

Development of nanomedicine platforms to modulate the activity of stem cells and their progenies.

Research focus

Development of bioengineering platforms for efficient differentiation and maturation of stem cells into vascular and cardiomyocyte lineages for drug screening and regenerative medicine applications.

Congratulations to Catarina Praça de Almeida


Catarina Praça de Almeida has defended her PhD thesis in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine – Biotechnology and Health in February 14th 2017. Catarina’s thesis was entitled: “Brain-Like Endothelial Cells Derived from Stem Cells to Study BBB Development and Targeting”.

Era Chair



Lino Ferreira is the Era Chair holder of a new program in ageing at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Coimbra. He will develop a research, training and translational program in the area of Cellular and Molecular Biology of Ageing. The ERA@UC 2.5 M€ project funded by Widespread 2014-ERA Chairs will start in November 2016. This is a flagship project of “Centro” Region of Portugal, as Health and Ageing are top priorities of its Smart Specialization Strategy.