Research focus

Development of nanomedicine platforms to modulate the activity of stem cells and their progenies.

Research focus

Development of bioengineering platforms for efficient differentiation and maturation of stem cells into vascular and cardiomyocyte lineages for drug screening and regenerative medicine applications.

Project funded in translational science

Oct 25th, 2015 in News


trans science

Our group was recently funded by Portugal2020 to develop new therapies for stroke. The project has the contribution of two Hospitals in the Center Region of Portugal (Hospital Rovisco Pais and Hospital da Universidade de Coimbra) and a company (Crioestaminal). Stroke is the second cause of mortality in the world, and patients that survive to the accident present a high probability of morbidity, i.e., neurologic deficit (motor or cognitive). So far, there is only a therapy approved by FDA for the treatment of ischemic stroke, the tissue plasminogen activator (which should be administered until 3 h after stroke), which has several limitations. The present project aims to create an innovative therapeutic platform to treat stroke patients based in stem cells and their products.